The third and final part of our blog concerning all about Sport Education continues where we left off in part two and looking at the six basic elements of the Sport Management program. In part two we looked at formal competitions and seasons, in this blog we turn our attention to the other four elements starting with affiliation.


Part of the six essential elements of Sport Education is affiliation, and this important feature of the model is to give students a feeling of belonging and being part of something. Students join a team at the start of the program and become affiliated to it. At the start of a season they become members of a certain team and stay with that team all the way through the season. It gives the students a chance to form a bond with the other team members and to try as hard as they can not to let the team down.

Affiliation also takes the sporting experience of the students and closely knit it with an overall social experience. As part of a group the wins and losses are all experienced together which is a lesson that they can take into their future life at home and at work.

Culminating Event

Part of all sports is to select which students are best for a particular sport and in what season, and to evaluate others by closely looking at their progress to see when they will be ready to step up to the plate. This creates a feeling of culmination, the end of a long road and a celebration of the accomplishments along the way.

Record Keeping

By keeping statistics on students’ performances, be it goals scored, assists, best times etc. It can provide invaluable insight on where improvements can be made. This can be individually or for a team. Keeping records also builds traditions and recognizes achievements, they serve as goals to encourage performance and maintain levels of excellence.


Sports competitions are occasions for celebration and festivity, whether they are top world competitions or small local games. It is not only large occasions like the Olympic Games that bring communities together to celebrate sport, local football tournaments and the like are just as important to the players and the families that watch and give their support. The whole basis of Sport Education is that both students and teachers work together to create an ongoing festival of sport that never ends during the year. This festival ideology brings communities together in many ways that enhance many positive ideals in normal everyday life.

Sport Education recognizes that all students are different, it is constructed so that everybody partakes in the program and takes out something beneficial that applies both to them and their affiliate group. In the past physical education lessons were quite elitist and the best players were elevated to the first team and the chaff were left out in the cold. The model that Sport Education is based around has proved to be highly successful. Students that are not particularly skilled or physically robust can take away valuable experience such as teaching skills etc.