In part one of our blog to understand just what the community sporting programs are, we touched on the social importance of sport throughout the world and how it can help benefit communities in so many ways.

North American Community Sporting Participation

It is not just individuals that have stepped up to the plate to assist in community sporting programs. An organization called NBA Cares is a North American association of professional basketball players and officials.

The organization uses its high profile to address a wide spectrum of issues by bringing the community together to look at the development of health and also the issues around youth education in certain parts of the community.

One of NBA Cares initiatives is called Basketball without Borders, where a local sporting community project creates positive social change in attitudes to the education of the younger members of the community. Basketball without Borders offer camps where boys and girls can be taught from top basketball players and coaches from around the world.

NBA Cares Legacy Project

Another basketball community sporting program is the NBA Cares Legacy Project, the project is instrumental in providing safe havens where families and kids can safely grow up. Also these safe havens allow the kids to go to school, play and live safely. The organization has already created over fifty of these safe havens across the whole of North America.

The NFL Foundation

Football also gets involved deeply with community sports programs and the NFL Foundation is a non-profit organization that represents all thirty-two of the teams in the NFL. Its main focus is to improve the health and safety of football and in sports in general, it also nurtures football among the young across all communities.

The football players themselves get heavily involved in this brilliant program with many spending their day off from their teams to work within local communities. This has become so famous that it is actually known as NFL Tuesdays when these famous sporting personalities volunteer their time to visit local schools, hospitals, shelters and help in whatever way they can.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics deserves its own place in the sporting philanthropic history of fame. This grand organization has one premise, and one premise only, and that is to aid disabled people through the promotion of a more caring society.

It does this through sporting activities and arranging competitions, so people with disabilities can join those that have not to actively participate in sport. This way a path to friendship is opened which will lead to better understanding.

The Special Olympics organization has got together with ESPN, and the Walt Disney Company to form a two year initiative that is honed to promote a special environment for social inclusion. This is a multi-million program that has the acceptance of the Unified Sports program. The goal is to ultimately register a million participants.

These are just some of the fine organizations around the word that are using sport as a vehicle to improve society. There are many others that use sport community programs that are improving the lives of millions of people and making the world a richer place to live in.