The second part of our blog to understand how sporting role models can be really positive to a community, looks at even more positive factors that top and local sportsmen and sportswomen can provide that all add to the total benefits of the peoples of a community.

A Sporting Role Model Can Show a Clear Set of Values

Sporting role modelsleave their values in the communities they come across. And the easily influenced youth of a community can be most affected by the way their role models support what they believe in. It provides a benchmark to set their own values against and which paths they should follow into adulthood.

Young sports players have spoken out how they have been inspired by different role models interaction with various charities and good causes. The part the role model played in helping young people to understand the underlying values why they gave support to the particular cause in question is crucial.

Sporting Role Models Can Show a Commitment to the Community

A sporting hero can demonstrate the passion and care that they feel to a particular community, and this passion directly affects the people who look up to the role model. For a sporting role model to be particularly powerful in their influence, they have to shrug off being focused purely on themselves and show that they are other-focused.

This means that they are seen to care more for the thing that they are committed to, rather than just feeding their own ego. If their supporters feel that is to do with local community issues, then this will focus attention on the particular community cause that the role model is showing an interest in.

A Good Role Model Shows Selflessness

The first thing a sports star who is a role model must show is a commitment to their own communities. With this they can be perceived to be concerned about the people and place that supported them on their way to stardom. It is a common trait that people admire the qualities of selflessness and the acceptance of others.

A good role model in the community shows that there are no barriers, and that sport can overcome any obstacles. Including those of race, creed or social standing. The sporting icon has to prove to the community that he is prepared to get his hands dirty and get involved at grass roots level.

Good Sporting Role Models Show Positive Behavioral Traits

Finally, a good sporting role model can show members of a community what is expected behavior and what is not. It may sound fairly obvious, but a recognized sports star can impress on young impressionable minds how to behave in so many environments.

The amount of positivity that sporting role models can bring to their local communities is without doubt considerable. They are so much in the media focus that they can spread many positive attitudes and ideas that will be accepted by the members of community and taken on board for their own future actions.