Sports bring many advantages to a community, whether it is occupying the youth, so they are not involved in crime, or by bringing the community together as a whole to interact in activity and socially as well. There is another huge benefit of sports to a local community, as sport often produces sporting heroes that grow into role models for the community to follow.

In this blog we see the advantages that sporting role models can bring to their neighborhood, how they can influence the behavior of a community and promote the values that they have learned through playing sport for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Sporting role models can inspire both children and adults to live purposeful and meaningful lives. They can show young people how to face challenges and overcome them, to live with optimism, compassion and hope. These community icons can play a massive part to the positive development of the youth in a community.

The Positive and Negative Effects of a Sporting Role Model

Sporting role models can have a huge effect on a community, both positive and negative. A top sporting icon has a responsibility both on and off the sporting scene to behave in a certain manner. It is a good idea to discover just which sports personality your child looks up to, just who are their real influences?

In some cases, a poor sporting role model will affect your child negatively, don’t let your child assume that everything a sports star says or does is correct. And that they are aware that some sporting icons are not the role models that they should be following.

Having said all that, for the most part sporting icons are excellent role models. They get involved in charity and community work outside their sports and often donate their time for free. This influences the younger generation to do similar and promotes a community spirit.

The Qualities of a Sporting Icon

By participating in sports many young people learn qualities that inspire them for the rest of their life. These qualities range from decision making to sporting behavior, and basically what is right and what is wrong. A top sportsman can pass on these qualities by being a role model.

Qualities such as: Showing passion and the ability to inspire others, showing a clear set of values both off and on the sporting field, demonstrating a commitment to the community, displaying the acceptance of minorities and others, and finally the ability of overcoming obstacles.

The Ability to Inspire

Sporting role models have the ability to demonstrate passion while they perform, and this passion often leads to the inspiration of other to perform better. This can be taken into many avenues of life, in business or in private life.

Having displayed passion in their sporting behavior, the sporting role model shows that dedication to whatever you apply yourself to is imperative to succeed in life. It is an important message to send out especially to young people. In part two of this blog we see even more benefits to the community a sporting role model can bring.