It seems that most kids enjoy playing sports when they are growing up, they play sports in school as part of their overall education, then forms teams and play outside school in their local communities. Participating in sports is a normal part of growing up. We all know that physical activity is important to us all, and youth sports help a growing body to develop fully into an adult one. But all this activity and fun can also have a really important secondary effect and that is boosting your community’s future.

Kids that play sports outside school are better adjusted than those who do not. They develop different and varied life skills that can contribute to their own community as they get older. One of the biggest benefits of youth sports is to relieve boredom, which is a big factor to youth crime. Sporting events held in a local community can be a great facilitator in providing interaction and engagement between different neighborhoods and social groups. They can create stronger bonds through sports and in this blog, we look at the reasons that youth sports should be encouraged in your own community.

Health Issues

Youth sports in a community can have many beneficial effects, and one is to the health of the community. The World Health Organization has detailed that children between five and seventeen years of age should undertake a minimum of sixty minutes physical exercise a day. During the early years of body development it is crucial for muscle and bone development that regular exercise is undertaken. The physical health benefits are well documented of having a healthy lifestyle, but there are also many associated benefits too. Fending off depression and anxiety is a by-product of sporting activity and this contributes to the overall health of the young.

The Reduction of Youth Crime

There are many contributing factors to youth crime, boredom and inactivity are two of them. Sports can help to alleviate both of these contributing factors by keeping the youth engaged. Many youngsters form teams whilst at school that will engage in activity outside and after school. These extracurricular sports occupy youngsters time whilst at the same time providing a positive and healthy outlet for kids in their spare time. Being a part of a sporting group also boosts awareness of the community, and makes the participants feel more connected to it.

Therefore, the youth respects other people and their property and are less likely to get involved in crimes in the community. Guidance and mentorship from adults involved in these youth sports will assist in giving direction and developing role models in the community. By playing team sports and competing against other members of the community and other neighborhoods builds up respect, friendship and bonds. And cuts down the inactivity and boredom that can lead to the youth of a community from getting into crime and other misdemeanors.

In part two of this blog we look at other benefits to a community that have an active youth sports program. This includes the creation of future role models and the benefits this can give to a neighborhood including future leaders of the community.